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– R&H Distressed Properties - Cash House Buyer

Have questions? Great. We’re glad you do!
Here’s a few answers to common ones.

Who Are We?

Our firm operates in the realm of real estate investment, primarily focusing on assisting homeowners who need to “Sell My House Fast in California”, providing a swift and seamless process.

What’s It Cost To Work With Us?

Absolutely nothing. There are no fees or commissions involved. We’re not listing your home; we’re genuinely interested in buying your home ourselves. Additionally, we cover all the closing costs and any other costs associated with the sale. Pretty unbeatable, right? 🙂

How Does The Process Work?

Firstly, we’ll reach out to you for a few more details about your property. Nothing overly complex, just basic information to give us a clear understanding of what we’re dealing with, enabling us to present you with a fair and swift all-cash offer.

Next, if you’re prepared to let us buy your house based on our offer, we’ll initiate the paperwork process with a local, trusted, and neutral title company. This ensures transparency and credibility, with no room for any suspicious activities (we don’t do “kitchen table closings”).

Lastly, typically within a week, you’ll have the cash in your hand, ready to move forward. We’ll take over the burdensome property, relieving you of any associated stress.

What If The House Is In Really Bad Shape? Will You Still Buy It?

We’re open to buying homes in all conditions and forms. You might be surprised at some of the properties we’ve purchased in the past. Why do we even consider rundown houses? The answer is simple: most unattractive homes just need a bit of love and care to transform into beautiful spaces that someone would be delighted to call home again. After buying the house, we take on the responsibility of all renovations and repairs – so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.